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Aluminum doors are gradually replacing traditional wooden door models. And the door XTDA 1000 frame is a popular door model. Because in addition to the variety of colors and aesthetics, the 1000 frame door also possesses many other outstanding advantages.

The door frame 1000 is a product made of tempered glass and the XTDA 1000 profile bar uses a larger frame, increasing the solidity and higher aesthetics. Depending on the production unit will have different thickness. At the XINGFATDA aluminum factory, depending on the type of frame, the 1000 system will have a thickness of 1.0, 1.4 to 2.0mm.

Currently, the XTDA 1000 system is applied in the design of revolving doors, which is popular with many people with diverse colors such as: white, gray, black, coffee... bringing more choices.


  • High aesthetics

Diverse and natural colors bring subtle beauty to the whole project.

Modern powder coating technology with a variety of color palettes, the XTDA 1000 frame doors show solidity, durability, bringing class and beauty to your home.

  • Durable

XTDA 1000 system (XINGFATDA) applies modern powder coating technology to bring high output, smooth surface. In particular, the products manufactured at XINGFATDA aluminum factory are guaranteed by Akzonobel paint for up to 25 years.

The profile bar uses high-grade aluminum alloy materials that do not rust and corrode. Accessories come with good impact and pressure resistance.

High sound and heat insulation ability to minimize costs. Solid construction ensures absolute safety.

  • High applicability

Windows are relatively light in weight, so easy to transport and install, customers can apply the product to make windows for living rooms, bedrooms for civil works to villas, public buildings. residence,...




Water tightness

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