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Features and applications

The XTDA 55 system door, also known as the XINGFATDA 55 system, is machined from the profile bar branded XTDA. Available in different thicknesses such as: 1.0, 1.2, 1.8 and 2.0mm. With the design inside the empty cavity, there are many sole ribs, which have a bearing effect, making the entire door block sturdy and strong and withstand extreme impact pressure.

XTDA 55 doors are designed with a variety of models such as: doors that open outside and doors that open inside with models 1-leaf 2-leaf and 4-leaf doors. Each design will have the assembly between different systems. The door model stands out in a simple and modern style. Therefore, this door model is very popular for today's architectural works.


  • Bearing capacity, sound insulation, heat insulation

The door is made of XTDA profile bar (door frame, wing frame) structure of empty cavity aluminum bar with ribs in the middle. As a result, the aluminum bar has the ability to withstand large forces, firmly.

Accompanying the door set is the Kinlong accessory system, imported high-class gaskets. With this structure, the door ensures absolute tightness and tightness. Therefore, the door is very good soundproof and thermal insulation. Moreover, the door can withstand high wind pressure, minimizing strong impact. Users are always guaranteed high safety.

  • Cost optimization

The surface of the door is electrostatically painted with modern technology, colorfast with time. The accessories come together to create the perfect set of doors and their robustness. The durability, color texture of the door is always appreciated, the door rarely needs to be repaired, maintained or replaced.

Absolute tightness helps save energy and bring high economic efficiency.

  • High applicability

Currently, the trend of using aluminum and glass doors for modern design styles is increasingly popular. The XTDA 55 revolving door with simple design can be widely applied in many spaces such as houses, apartments, offices and villas...



Water tightness

High Beauty

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