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Features and applications

Aluminum sliding door system 55 (XTDA 55) is a high-class aesthetic door that opens by sliding on rails. The XTDA 55 sliding door system has a compact frame and characteristic configuration. EPDM gasket system ensures high tightness. Using Kinlong synchronous metal accessories to create a perfect door set.

The aluminum profile bar has a thickness of 1.0 - 2.0mm, a width of 55mm and a frame of 55mm with a box-shaped design with an empty cavity inside and staggered ribs.

Currently, it is very easy to see  this door model is installed  popular in all projects including:  townhouses, villas,   villas, etc., from luxury to civil works.


  • High applicability

Sliding door XTDA 55 suitable for all works from classic to modern good bearing strength, no warping, so it is durable over time.

In addition, sliding doors are also capable of simpler and faster construction than other door systems. Therefore, increase productivity and complete the work quickly.

Sliding door models XTDA 55 applied in the design of doors and windows, have a compact structure, light and convenient use.

  • Expand the space

Making the most of the light space is evaluated as a high-quality domestic brand, meeting export standards. The complete combination with glass, and the sliding open structure both saves space and expands the panoramic view of the whole building.

  • Durable

With modern powder coating technology, the surface is smooth and durable over time, even when assembled in the harshest climates. In addition, the XTDA 55 system is manufactured on synchronous and modern production lines imported from Germany, Japan, etc. The production process complies with ISO 9001:2015.



Water tightness

High Beauty

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