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Features and applications

• Window XTDA 55 system, also known as XINGFATDA 55 system, machined from profile bar branded XTDA. Available in thicknesses from  1.0, 1.2 and  1.4mm. With the design inside the empty cavity, many sole ribs have a bearing effect that makes the entire door block sturdy and strong and withstands extreme impact pressure.

• Window system XTDA 55 is designed with a variety of models such as: Window opening outside, window opening up. Can design 1 or more wings depending on the structure of your house. Is a door system that can be opened with an opening angle of 90º and maximum allowed 180º, compact frame design.

Currently on the market, window models, XTDA 55 system are quite popularly applied in houses and apartments...


  • High aesthetics

XTDA 55 window with many diverse and flexible designs. Easy to open and close. Has durability, timeless colors without fear of peeling, even in harsh weather, ensuring aesthetics. Compatible with many accessories, including Viet - Nhat Hai Long workpiece safety glass, stainless steel screws, EDPM double sealing gasket, Dowcorning glue, ...

Products at XINGFATDA Aluminum Factory, powder coated surface according to international standards and certified by Akzonobel paint for 25 years warranty for paint color.

  • Good sound and heat insulation

With a multi-cavity structure, the door has good sound and heat insulation. Soft and flexible opening and closing. Various types and sizes. Less need to repair, warranty and maintain during use.

  • Durable

XTDA systems are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 with rigorously tested and evaluated raw materials to bring high quality products, building a prestigious XTDA brand in the Vietnamese market.



Water tightness

High Beauty

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