So today, let's join TDA to give some useful tips to help clean your aluminum and glass doors quickly, shiny like new.

A great advantage of the aluminum and glass door line is that the surface is smooth, smooth and does not leave yellow stains and oxidation. So cleaning will be easier. However, you still need to know some of the following tips to clean aluminum and glass surfaces as shiny as new:

- Treat yellow stains with purple onions

Red onion is a familiar ingredient in our kitchens, but few people know some of its cleaning and disinfecting uses thanks to its sulfuric compounds.

- Use vinegar to remove stains on the surface of aluminum bars
When aluminum and glass doors are yellowed or painted on the wall. Those are stains that are difficult to remove, but you just need to use a velvet cloth and blot with vinegar. You can use gasoline instead of vinegar. Then wipe, clean the paint or yellow stains on the aluminum door in a short time, you have blown away the paint that is stuck to the door.

- Use old newspaper to clean the glass
In your house, there must be a lot of newspapers that should not be thrown away, but you should use old newspapers at home, soak a little water and spray water on the paper. Then wipe the glass from top to bottom clean.

- Remove the adhesive tape on the glass with a pencil eraser, use a paper knife blade in combination with dishwashing liquid or cooking oil.

Use cooking oil: you just need to soak the cooking oil on the surface for about 30 minutes and then use a vinegar-oil towel and rub it to remove stubborn adhesive stains simply.

- Remove paint from aluminum and glass when using soft cloth and white wine.
With long-lasting stains that cause aluminum doors to stain and lose their original beauty, the trick that can be easily cleaned is to use white wine to clean aluminum doors, which will quickly shine like new and keep its shine for a long time. long

Proper cleaning of aluminum and glass doors will increase the life and durability of the product. So, regularly apply the above tips to take care of and clean your home!

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