What is anodize?

Aluminum anodize is the process of hardening aluminum by electrochemical method. The method is a way to actively create an extremely strong oxide layer on aluminum and its alloys. And the strength of this oxide layer is hundreds of times greater than the naturally formed aluminum oxide layer and can rank its hardness after diamond. Therefore, aluminum anode is considered the most advanced material today.

In simple words, anodizing aluminum is the process of putting aluminum parts in an electrolyte (the electrolyte solution can be sulfuric acid or chromic acid ..), chemical reactions will occur to create on the surface of the aluminum part, a thin layer of aluminum oxide film (in µm). This oxide film has very hard properties, excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

A special feature is that this oxide film has a very good color absorption ability to create products with a variety of colors. Therefore, aluminum anodizing technology is becoming more and more popular in the production process of aluminum profiles.

Advantages of Anodize plating technology

The outstanding point of this technology is that after plating, the hardness of aluminum bars will be significantly increased by adding a layer of metal on the surface.

Besides, thanks to the anodizing process, the color fastness of aluminum bars is highly appreciated compared to other products. With the nature of metal color, anodized aluminum is always shiny and durable over time.

Anodized aluminum is the optimal material, extremely wear-resistant and non-conductive. Therefore, in addition to being an important material in the electronics and component manufacturing industry, aluminum anode is also used in the construction, medical, manufacturing technology industries such as mobile phones, home appliances. use or car...

Anodized aluminum is also a popular material for the production of high-end home appliances, tables, chairs, shelves or kitchen materials...

In particular, with a production process that meets ISO 9001: 2015 quality standards and a modern equipment system, the aluminum hard anodizing technology at Tien Dat has created perfect high-quality materials for raw material supply. for most manufacturing and construction industries.